‘Nawabs, nudes, noodles: India Through 50 Years of Advertising’- book with a sensational title, by Ambi Parameswaran, attempts to zoom India, through the advertising lens. Ad-worms can reminisce about growing India with steel frames and visuals, captured in the matured ads that took birth from the octogenarian last century, designed by Ambi Parameswaran, the invitee of the 38th episode of An Author’s Afternoon presented by Shree Cement and Taj Bengal in association with t2, Prabha Khaitan Foundation along with Siyahi.

Parameswaran’s academic degree lists very long, covering engineering from IIT Madras, MBA from IIM Calcutta ranging towards PhD from Mumbai University in 2012 along with Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School in 2014.

From leading a mainstream ad agency to, being a consultant and chronicler of Indian advertising redefined India and its people by mirroring and monitoring their socio-cultural self. Former CEO and executive director of FCB Ulka having over 35 years of industry experience, groomed their target audience, the middle class families, guiding them how a detergent washes out the difficulties and brightens the fortune of a job seeker, how the pressure cooker cooks the chemistry of conjugal duo, how life insurance redefines old-age from a different perspective. Challenging and experimental strategies using gabbar sing for a biscuit, presenting shoes with nude models, Ambi invented new get up for ads.

As the relevance of fairness crème changed with, up gradation of women, promptly the focus of the ad shifted to self-establishment than to get married. This book also carries reference of old numbers reflecting the psychology of the consumer. This veteran ad-designer marked his doubt about the sustainability of online brands.

This honorary faculty member of leading B-schools, now mentors new age aspirants, looking for professional guidance. This book is preceded by seven others like ‘For God’s Sake’, ‘Strategic Brand Management’, ‘Draft FCB+Ulka’, ‘Ride the Change’, ‘FCB-Ulka- Brand Building Advertising: Concepts and Cases’ and so on. Most of these books have strong academic, B-2-B flavor, best suited for B-scholars. Anecdotal and conversational style of writing widens the readership.