14th January, 2013

The sixth edition of An Authors Afternoon featured Anupam Kher on 14th January, 2013, at The Taj Bengal, Kolkata. Ina Puri engaged him in a conversation covering topics like books, films and the power of failure.

Anupam Kher's book The Best Thing About You, is You is based on his own life and personal experiences. He motivates and inspires the readers by providing a handy guide to discovering his real self and finding peace of mind and contentment in today’s chaotic times.

He feels that by developing a positive outlook people can counter the negativity that exists all around them. A positive outlook can also help them to overcome their fear, insecurity, stress, frustration and unhappiness. Citing his own example, he reveals how a humble background need not be an obstacle to attaining the dizzying heights of success. However, one should gracefully handle success, he warns. He shares the vital ingredients of his recipe for success as well as the no-nonsense methods to get the most out of life.

According to Anupam Kher, “The moment when you make other people responsible for your happiness, they will make sure you are not happy. So, the whole struggle is to be yourself”.

Watch a glimpse of the conversation