Bittu Sahgal

10th February 2014

An Author’s Afternoon featuring Bittu Sahgal on 10th February 2014 at Taj Bengal, Kolkata, was presented by Shree Cement and organised by Prabha Khaitan Foundation. He was in conversation with actor and wildlife enthusiast Gaurav Chakrabarty.

Bittu Sahgal is a wildlife conversationalist and founder of two magazines – Sancturay Asia and Cub. He talked about his new book Sundarban Inheritance where he dealt with the myths of man eaters and the effects of climate change. He founded “Kids for Tigers” a mass contact programme that reaches out to children across 15 cities of India. Through “Kids of Tigers” he wishes to convey that “The Tiger will only be saved if its forests are saved. By saving these forests, India protects 600 of its purest rivers.”

He said that the Sundarban Inheritance “… was born of an inner desire to present, in as justifiable a manner as possible, the absolute magic and the value and the worth of a place that, from time immemorial, seems to be written off as pestilence.” The fragile ecosystem of this area that houses the tigers, human beings and many other flora and fauna is under the threat of climate change that will bring in destruction if something is not done right away.


Watch a glimpse of the conversation