An Author’s Afternoon presented by Shree Cement on 30th September, 2016, at the Taj Bengal, hosted Ratna Vira - author, corporate leader, consultant and artist. Urmi Basu, founder of the NGO New Light, steered a sensitive discussion on Ratna’s books. The event was held in association with T2, Prabha Khaitan Foundation, Taj Bengal and Siyahi. Ratna Vira is the best-selling author of Daughter By Court Order. It deals with the hurdles of being a woman. It attracted a lot of endorsements from celebrities and politicians including Prime Minister Modi. Her second novel, It’s Not About You, deals with teens and is a contemporary tale that celebrates the persistence of the human spirit to fight against all odds. She is also an engaging speaker and an accomplished artist.

Her stories are not about her life, but are tales she has heard from her conversations with different women in various places. She says though she writes on different issues, her books are not dark and they amuse readers. However, at the same time, it stirs “you because it is about people like us.” She also encourages people to talk about those they are not comfortable talking about – it could be the daughter-in-law or the daughter. “Each one of us, who buys into that conspiracy of silence because it’s awkward for some people, are complicit.”

Ratna says that her characters are like her who fit into any society and any culture yet they are proud to be an Indian.

Watch a glimpse of the conversation