An Author’s Afternoon on 8th January 2016 had Ravi Subramanian as the Guest Author. Speaking to him was actor-director Arindam Sil. The event at Taj Bengal, Kolkata was presented by Shree Cement in association with Prabha Khaitan Foundation, Siyahi and t2.

The banker-best selling author confessed that his sole purpose to write a book was to be remembered by people. He thought nobody would remember Ravi the banker but if he is an author people would remember him. So when he wrote If God was a Banker and that became a success he became “greedy” and wanted to write more. When he started writing the bank thrillers Wall Street Journal labelled him as John Grisham of banking. Therefore, he consciously wanted to move away from this genre and penned The Bestseller She Wrote. He spoke about all his books having a character named Aditya.

Ravi said that he also wants to try his hand at writing children’s books. He also has very high opinion of the next generation but is concerned about the 25-30 year olds as he feels that they are not as ethical and hard working as they ought to be.

He has written eight best-selling books and has won several awards like the Golden Quill Reader’s Choice Award and the Economist Crossword Book Award.

Watch a glimpse of the conversation