Reshma Qureshi & Tania Singh

15th December 2018

The 63rd Session of An Authors's Afternoon turned out to be a very touching session with Co-Authors Reshma Qureshi and Tania Singh. Social activist Agnimitra Paul was in conversation with both the authors and Reshma, who spoke in Hindi, shared her life's tragic heart-wrenching experience of being an acid attack survivor. She refuses to think herself as a victim and tells everyone her story of how she survived the incident.

Reshma Qureshi survived a brutal acid attack in 2014 that scarred her face and psyche. Based on this gruesome incident is her book “Being Reshma” - a telling account of an ordinary girl’s extraordinary life; how she came back from the brink. Supported by NGO - Make Love Not Scars - Reshma’s life turned around when she sashayed at the New York Fashion Week.

Reshma's story touched millions across the globe. Milan, Los Angeles and others followed. Her YouTube video “Beauty Tips by Reshma” went viral. She now inspires other acid attack survivors to pick up pieces of their lives. She hopes someday she’d make a film about her life and act in it.

Tania drew the audience's attention to the fact that how Indian laws have failed to curb the menace of acid attack and that the punishment for such acts should be made more stringent. In India, buying acid over the counter is actually as easy as buying lipstick. Reshma's vivid account of her life held the session in rapt attention. The format of the setting was a tad different with three chairs put on the dais to accommodate both the authors.