22nd July, 2017

Writing, self publishing and marketing one’s own book at the age of 24 is quite an achievement. Savi Sharma, the 46th guest author the An Author’s Afternoon session, is a one-woman army who was in conversation with Nilisha Agarwal. Her books Everyone Has A Story and This is Not Your Story has brought her success and helped her garner a huge fan base on the social media.

Savi was candid about her coming of age as an author, publisher, distributor and marketer. She has a very matter-of-fact approach towards writing her novels. First of all I decide upon the “soul of the book” that is the message I want to convey, says Savi. She then creates the characters and their characteristics through whom she would narrate the story. This is followed by the outlining of each chapters in the book and what the characters would do. This is a kind of a hedge against a writer’s block she feels. Her first book took four years to complete.

However, after learning the craft and the ropes of self publishing, Savi completed her next two books in four to five months. For the aspiring authors, Savi had few tips to take home. Being positive and believing in one’s self is the first step for any aspiring author. Reading books and writing regularly from the heart should do the trick.

Many youngsters who follow Savi regularly on the social media and got a whiff of Savi’s session in city, turned up uninvited and An Author’s Afternoon did put in few extra chairs for the young enthusiasts. The Shree Cement sponsored session had one of the youngest authors and conversationalist and, perhaps, even the audience. The event was in association with Prabha Khaitan Foundation, Taj Bengal, T2 and Siyahi.


Watch a glimpse of the conversation