Stephen Alter had a life altering experience when his home was attacked by goons and he was left for dead. But he came back from the dead a changed man with a new world view.

It was a one-man format at An Author’s Afternoonon 16 November, 2016, with guest author Stephen Alter who took the support of a projector and a screen to share his experiences in the Himalayas.

Stephen is an amazing and versatile person. An avid Himalayan trekker; an atheist who raises deep philosophical questions and one who is very much at ease with things sacred; someone who is motivated by doubt rather than faith. He has written about his journeys and travels after much legwork through the Himalayas. So, it was hardly a surprise when Stephen said, "I write with my feet".

Stephen added a very different aura to the author’s afternoon session by taking the audience on a journey through the Himalayas through some of his fantastic stock shots which he had captured in his camera. He did share quite a few very interesting anecdotes that evoked awe and amusement among the audience in ample measure.

Stephen Alter is a nature lover bitten by a travel bug. He did show to the audience a glimpse of a world that is mystical and amazing beyond imagination. Stephen Alter’s session added a new dimension to the conventional format of An Author’s Afternoon. It was a visual treat.

Watch a glimpse of the conversation