Author, speaker or educator! It is not easy to decide what describes Dr Swati Lodha best. The 43rd chapter of An Author’s Afternoon revealed her sensibility wrapped in a humorous and engaging conversation with her actor-poet husband Shailesh Lodha aka Tarak Mehta of a popular Hindi telesoap.

The late afternoon congregation began on summary note of her latest book Don’t Raise Your Children Raise Yourself and traced the author’s work index starting with Hindi poetry written in her school days. Her love for poetic verse continued in co-operation with her husband. The result of their joint venture was Ek Baat Teri, Ek Baat Meri –that blended philosophy and emotion under a single theme.

Swati’s third work Come On! Get Set Go was about corporate training and speaking on assignments. Another notable contribution Why Women Are What They Are dealt with communities and learners interested in enriching and updating themselves.

The founder of SWASH PD Pvt Ltd, Dr Lodha, is yet to finish her trilogy, starting with Don’t Raise Your Children Raise Yourself which tries to connect parenting with leadership; explores the effectiveness of parenting skills in workplace and also the best of the leadership skills at home. Her experience from tent-school to Harvard classroom made her spur the youth to learn ABC or Attitude, Behavior and Communication.

The author’s latest publication stresses the importance of parenting in order to keep pace with the Gen-Y who are in dire need for a proper and modified parenting package of Observing, Encouraging, Guiding and Nurturing, to help cope up with their smart world. In her work Moon Parenting, Dr Lodha helps parents categorize their identity as Super Parents, Yes Parents, Bulletproof Parents or even Polarized Parents, highlighting the off-screen role of parents, one who never dominates but controls from a distance.


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