Aparna Jain

Aparna Jain is India’s first certified Integral Master Coach,marketing consultant, feminist and an author. Aparna Jain spent her growing up years studying in Bengaluru before moving to Switzerland where she studied at the Alpina School of Hotel Management and received a Diploma with a double specialization in Sales & Marketing and Food & Beverage. She pursued a post graduate programme in Hospitality at the Oberoi School of Hotel Management and worked with leading business and media houses.Jain founded Zebraa Works, a boutique integral leadership coaching and immersive consulting firm that offers customized leadership coaching using the Integral Coaching methodology. She is passionate about championing women leaders in the workplace and empowering them to overcome women challenges. Literature enthusiast Simi Gupta moderated the enthralling session of An Author’s Afternoon in Kolkata with Aparna Jain.