Sagarika Ghose

The convergence of politics, media, and advocacy unfolded in a thought-provoking dialogue at a recent event graced by a distinguished media personality, Sagarika Ghose. The conversation, facilitated by Payal Mohanka, delved deep into the multifaceted journey of the guest, shedding light on her experiences, perspectives, and aspirations. Amidst the backdrop of intellectual exchange, the event commenced with a warm welcome note by Nilisha Agarwal, Ehsaas woman of Kolkata. 

Ruchira Gupta

At a recent episode of An Author’s Afternoon, organised by Prabha Khaitan Foundation at Taj Bengal, Kolkata, Malika Varma, Ehsaas Woman of Kolkata, extended a warm welcome to the attendees and leading industrialist Harshvardan Neotia offered the introductory speech. The person of the hour was author, journalist and anti-trafficking activist Ruchira Gupta, in conversation with writer and translator Anjum Katyal.

Nandini Das

A recent session of An Author’s Afternoon, organised by Prabha Khaitan Foundation, witnessed the presence of author-academic Nandini Das, who is a professor of early modern literature and culture at the University of Oxford. The author of Courting India: England, Mughal India and the Origins of Empire, Das was in conversation with Abhijit Gupta, a professor of English at Jadavpur University. After the welcome address was delivered by Arnab Chatterjee, General Manager of Taj Bengal, Kolkata, the lively discussion got underway.

Preeti Shenoy

Writing is second nature to Preeti Shenoy. The author has enthralled readers across the country for over a decade, writing 15 books in 14 years while raising her two children. Several of her novels, including Life Is What You Make It, The Secret Wish List, A Hundred Little Flames and The One You Cannot Have, are bestsellers. At a recent session of An Author’s Afternoon organised by Prabha Khaitan Foundation, while in conversation with Swati Gautam, the Founder and CEO of Necessity, Shenoy spoke of her journey as a writer, the themes of her books, the trend of self-publishing and more. Arnab Chatterjee, the Regional Manager of Taj Bengal, Kolkata, delivered the welcome note.

Bashabi Fraser

At a recent session of An Author’s Afternoon, Prabha Khaitan Foundation welcomed professor, poet and scholar Bashabi Fraser for a cosy discussion about her new book, Habitat, her life’s greatest influences, and more. Fraser was in conversation with Debanjan Chakrabarti, Director of the British Council in East and Northeast India.

Sadaf Hussain

Consultant chef, author, avid storyteller, podcasting pro, TEDx sensation and MasterChef consultant – Sadaf Hussain wears many hats. His magnetism in the kitchen and love for all things food have catapulted him to the top of the culinary space, where he has been wowing taste buds and winning hearts. The author of Daastan-e-Dastarkhan: Stories and Recipes from Muslim Kitchens even has a new book out, Desi Delicacies.

Neerja Chowdhury

In the world of journalism, Neerja Chowdhury is a renowned figure, celebrated for her insightful commentary and analytical prowess. An award-winning columnist, she has left an indelible mark on Indian journalism. Prabha Khaitan Foundation recently organised a session of An Author’s Afternoon with Chowdhury. The conversation was expertly guided by Vidya Gajapathi Raju Singh, Ehsaas Woman of Chennai, leading to a thought-provoking and enlightening discussion for the audience. Anindita Chatterjee, Executive Trustee of the Foundation, welcomed the gathering.

Navtej Sarna

A diplomat with a wealth of experience across nations, Navtej Sarna weaves his experiences into his writings. A columnist, an author and the longest-serving spokesperson of the Indian foreign ministry, he was hosted by Prabha Khaitan Foundation in a session of An Author’s Afternoon. Esha Dutta, the Foundation’s Honorary Convenor of North-East Affairs, was in conversation with the author. Arnab Chatterjee, the general manager of Taj Bengal, delivered the welcome note.

Koel Purie Rinchet

There comes a point in everyone’s life where “no matter how ambitious you are or how successful you are, something has to give. And something does give. It is always a juggle.” Koel Purie Rinchet — actor, producer, TV presenter, mother and newly-turned author, couldn’t have put it better.

Samantha Kochharr

As a writer, a significant part of oneself is reflected in one’s book. With growth, certain reactions become ingrained, influenced by teachings and experiences from the earliest stages of life. This ongoing process, extending from the prenatal stage to the present, shapes us. However, a pivotal moment arrives when introspection compels us to question if our actions genuinely define our essence. Samantha Kochharr reached this juncture after her father’s passing.